Most Ancient Place British Museum, London

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If we talk about the history, culture of London so the British museum is dedicated the human history. In this museum they have the permanent collection and contains about 8 million works. They have the story of human culture from the present to the previous. In 1753 it was established and it contains the lots of collections of scientist Sir Hans Sloane. For the public it was opened on January 1759. It contains architectural landmarks. By the Enlightenment idea it was grounded. On the human history it has spanned two million years. The human cultural investigation can happen because it is placed here.

Most Ancient Place British Museum, London

As a name of universal museum it was founded. Their antiques and objects are so much enviable that it can’t be broken. This all types of the collection were done by Sir Hans Sloane. He founded all collections and after his death King George II sum Euro 20,000. They have a assortment of 71,000 objects and printed book collection 40,000 and contains manuscripts of 7,000. If we talk about the natural specimens it includes dried plants which is about 337 volumes and by Albrecht Durer included his drawings and so many antiquities from the Far East, America, Rome, Greece and the Egypt.

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The two others libraries are included of the foundation Act. The Cottonian library was assembled by Sir Robert Cotton. The Royal library was joined in 1757 which was assembled by British monarchs. They also include many treasure books in the British library. And also include the copies of Beowulf and the Lindisfarne Gospels. Thus a kind of art gallery is neither belong to any church or king. It is freely open to public.

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Their changes were made in the 19th century. The Greek, Egyptian, Roman has an extensive variety of different antique displays. They had the Egyptian monument sculpture in 1818.

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If you are planning to visit here so I can tell you some information about that. They contain 3 floors. Ground floor, Upper floor, Lower floor. In ground floor they have the Rosetta stone, Parthenon sculpture, Assyrian lion hunt reliefs collection. If you want to see the secret treasures of the British Museum you can go on room-2 in the ground floor you can different jewelries like Hockley Pendant, Tisbury Hoard, North West Essex ring etc. In the Upper floor you can visit Royal Game Of Ur, Samurai Armour, Lewis Chessmen, Mummy Of Katebet, Oxus Treasure collection and in the upper floor you can see King of Ife.

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