Things to Do in Times Square, New York City

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One of the most significant and the busiest intersection in the New York city in Midtown Manhattan is the Times Square. It is known as the Crossroads of the globe. It is in the district of Broadway theater, and famous for the world’s entertainment industry. In the survey of October 2011 it is declared that it is one of the most visited location for tourism because tourist gets attracted from this spot. On daily basis thousands of people pass through it. It is at the seventh Venue and junction of Broadway from West 42nd to West 47th streets.

Things to Do in Times Square, New York City

If we talk about this place its previous name was Longacre square which was renamed in April 1904 after the New York headquarters the this building. The great White Way, The tenderloin and the crossroads of the world are the nicknames of this building. In 1920’s it was one of the desire location in Manhattan. Many organization was moving from this area which is replaced from the speedier forms like “peep shows” because of the stock market was crashed in 1929. In 1990 it began with slow and steady push by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. It was known as Disneyfication. One million people assemble together to celebrate the New Year’s Eve “Dropping of the ball”. By the efficient ball it was replace in 2008. In 1972 the Dick Clarke hosted the New Year Rocking Eve. This spot was used in the numerous films such as I am Legend and many others. Many signs such as neon, illuminate sign which includes Coca Cola, NASDAQ sign and Toshiba. It is very good to know that this year it has become smoke free.

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If we talked about its history this area belonged to John Morin Scott. It was under the George Washington. In the year 1990 it contains nine theaters on 42nd street. For commercial purposes or demolition. The LED signs and symbol made the New York iconic image. These signs are officially called “speculators”. Nut they also experienced one the worst moment in their time when the light went dark from 14th-August 2003 to 15th-August 2003. On 6th-March 2008 a small bomb did minor damage but not too much. It is the best spot for the advertisement because people; we take attention from this place. Few examples are: Planet Hollywood, Disney World, Forever 21, Disney store, TKTS booth, One Astor Plaza and many more.

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